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Alex Fiore's product work.

Reddit Advertising

Reddit Advertising

Gratefully, I had the opportunity to help the Sales team at Reddit develop a go-to-market strategy for their advertising products.

This included market research, financial and tactical planning, and content strategy. For example, how do we make ad products market themselves within the industry? The project was expansive, and challenged me to create an overarching marketing strategy for a critical business unit.

With dozens of stakeholders at every level of seniority, I was able to see impact from multiple angles as strategies were debated. 

Reddit's Mobile App Launch

Reddit's Mobile App Launch

My first project while working at Reddit was the launch of its first official mobile app.

Joining just weeks before, I jumped in quickly to work on the marketing and comms for this pivotal point in the company's evolution. Specifically, this was the first major product launch for Reddit since it changed CEOs in 2015, and gave me the opportunity to see just how important marketing can be to an organization as it looks to reinvent itself.

The launch garnered over 50 press placements in its first day alone, millions of downloads, a 4-star rating, and for a period, #1 on the iOS Free Apps chart. Time Magazine even named it one of the best apps of 2016.

One initiative that I was responsible for was testing different short descriptions in the Play store, which increased downloads by 5%.

Reddit's Embeds Launch

Another project I worked on while at Reddit was the Embeds launch for media publishers. 

Reddit has a problem where companies will use the platform to discover content, but then fail to cite the source at the time of the content's reattribution. Because of this omission, Reddit loses hundreds of thousands of click-backs.

My job was to develop the go-to-market strategy for the launch of a new set of publisher tools, for companies like AOL and The Huffington Post.

I created this landing page, worked with our creative team to produce supporting collateral, and flew to New York to help manage the launch event.

Within weeks of the launch, we were flooded with praise from corporate partners and saw hundreds of thousands of new click-backs in our analytics' tools.  



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